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I’m seeing a large surge of people with really stupid YouTube LP accounts suddenly following my twitter.

About 7 so far, I’ve watched one video of each. One was tolerable. The rest? Not so much. Let me get three great quotes from three separate accounts.

"Stabbin’ brown people!"


shitsson said:
❝ did u see the revelations 2 leak ❞

Yep I did.

Not holding my breath, nor am I getting hype. RE is kinda done for me. Revelations was a step in the right direction—but flat plot, sub-par character development and stupid ass character names dragged it in the mud.

-Jill looking at an outline of a gun using the scanner thing, “I think it’s a gun!” JILL YOU’VE BEEN A POLICE OFFICER FOR HOW LONG?
-Jessica and Rachel’s outfits. Really?
-Jill and Parker running into the room with dummy Redfield and the gas starts up…and they pass out. The door was open. They could’ve run out of the room.
-Globster. Really?
-More unpronounceable bullshit to make things seem exotic when it just sounds terrible. TERRIGRIGIAIGERRIERGIA.

I only played a little bit of it, but like I said. It was a step in the right direction and knowing what Capcom does to it’s most valuable franchises (ie: Street Fighter and Megaman) it’s going to be more forced co-op bullshit with a god awful storyline and more QTEs.

raven-blood-13 said: whaaat they’re actually selling them here now?

It came as a “Refurbished” game (which means it’s actually new, and they slapped it as a used game to try and re-coup some of the money back they spent on getting the game to begin with. So it’s new, but “not”.

I know a few select retailers had them, and some stores did take pre-orders but not many. It’s also an immensely smaller release so they probably bought a few thousand copies and re-marked them as ‘refurbished’ titles for a profit—Farming Simulator 2014 is the exact same way. I’ve never seen a sealed copy before, but I get several Xbox-Sticker-Sealed copies in shipment that are marked as used when they aren’t.


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