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Ohio boy hospitalized after 4-day Xbox Live marathon

This shit right here? This shit pisses me right the fuck off. This pisses me off for two reasons.

Reason #1:

  • How the FUCK can you not realize that your child has been hold up in their room for FOUR DAYS straight? Sure there are plenty of Tumblr users out there that will joke around about it; but this kid was legitimately in his room for four days. No sleeping. No eating. Playing Call of Duty. How can a parent just let this happen? How can a mother and father go “Oh little Jimmy is playing his Xbox, we shouldn’t disturb him.” NO. YOU FUCKING DISTURB HIM. EVEN IF HE PISSES AND MOANS AT YOU; YOU MAKE SURE HE’S FUCKING OKAY. If I was locked up in my room for four days straight, Day 1 wouldn’t be over before my mother would break down the damn door to see if I was alright. How fucking stupid can you be?!

Reason #2:

  • Video games are still getting blamed for this shit! They’re still the scapegoat for negligent parenting and it sickens me. I sell video games, and every single time I sell an M rated title to a parent I hear the same fucking thing. “I don’t like him playing these kinda games, but he wants it.” YOU’RE THE FUCKING PARENT. YOU TELL HIM NO, THEN YOU DON’T FUCKING BUY IT. YOU’RE the adult. YOU make the decisions. YOU buy him the game when he can show you that he’s RESPONSIBLE enough to handle it! Don’t blame a computer program for where you’re fucking falling short as a damned adult. Quit this pseudo parenting bullshit where they run their own lives so they can be “independent” because they’re not. They’re still bitching at you to buy their stuff and that makes them GREEDY LITTLE UNDESERVING SHITS. BE THE FUCKING ADULT LIKE YOU ARE.

EDIT 8/7/14: I forgot about this post entirely, it’s old, and the title of the post is very, very inappropriate. I apologize to those who saw it and were disgusted by it; I shouldn’t of used that word to describe what was stupid and not ‘retarded’. I was angry (as the post indicates), and like I said—This post is very old.

I edited the topic to make it somewhat more appropriate. If there’s any other issues, please let me know.

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