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See that? That’s my brother’s Mustang. Thankfully he wasn’t in the car when it happened.

A witness who was following the driver who did that to his car said that the driver was doing 35 MILES AN HOUR. Ha…Hahaha…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. This woman looked a Cop dead in the eye and had the audacity to say the driver was going 35mph. THE AUDACITY.

Here’s how I know he was doing at least 60-70mph:

  • My brother’s car was parked, when it was hit it was pushed TWENTY FEET.
  • The Driver’s car, after hitting my brothers, ricocheted off of it and pegged another car ACROSS THE STREET.
  • The Driver hit both cars so hard his head, through the airbag, still bashed against the windshield.

Sure lady, he was doing 35 miles an hour and I’m the Queen of fucking England.

September 11, 2012 - 1:34pm [2 years ago]
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  5. raven-blood-13 said: jesssuss christ. i really hope that they aren’t taking that woman seriously with her claim. a similar thing happened to my parent’s trucks in our front yard about 2 years ago. moved two trucks 75 degrees from their original positions.
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