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Transformers [scrubs] AU where Doctor Cox is replaced with Ratchet.

look at this dork with all his transformers and video games that i’m totally not jealous of.


why aren’t we talking about this

smooth transformers theme.

Now before y’all come at me with pitchforks shouting “BUT WAR FOR CYBERTRON!!1!" let me explain you a thing.

War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, was indeed produced by Activision (same people who produce a lot of other mediocre movie/TV based games.) but it was developed by High Moon Studios. The same people who brought us Deadpool in video game form.

Who’s making Rise of the Dark Spark? Edge of Reality. High Moon isn’t anywhere on the box or the credits at all.

Edge of Reality’s video game development has been 90% ports. As in, taking someone else’s work and making it so that what they want it on doesn’t break. (I’m not saying that that’s easy, because it’s not, but that’s not the point.)

Go back and what the trailer for the game, notice how every single game model, weapon, effect, and background textures look really, really familiar? It’s because it’s all reused assets that Activision owns the rights to. High Moon Studios sat and made these models and textures just so Activision can pawn it off to another Developer when they wanted to churn out a quick cash-in to go along side a movie, since they know unsuspecting people will buy it due to the movie and the previous games hype.

It’s a terrible thing, and frankly I don’t think they should release this game at all. It’ll probably be a cobbled mess of bad camera angles, poor combat, and an empty multiplayer.

Look for it in the bargain bin in about four months. (To put it in perspective: Fall of Cybertron is still around $30-$50.)

Now, I could be wrong, but all the red flags are there.

-Developer nobody heard of
-Producer known for terrible producing cash-ins
-Movie tie-in
-“Bargain” priced at $49.99 (instead of the usual $59.99, giving the illusion that ‘oh, it’s cheaper! what a deal!’. WFC and FOC both released at $59.99)

So, just a heads up on that before you go willy-nilly buying it.

Yoooo, for people who can’t run War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron on PC; it’s on sale for XBL Gold Members this week as digital downloads.

WFC is $4.99 and FOC is $14.99. I think this applies to the US only, though. I’m not sure.

The preorder gift for the new Transformers game is two new guns and the ability to play as Skywarp and Thundercracker.

okay so I have $30 on Comixology.

I’ve only read up to MTMTE #18 and I’ve only read volume one of the RID collection.


Fully aware it’s fake, but I’m surprised nobody mentioned this on my dashboard. The Truck windows in pilot mode was great.

Good to see Prowl actually doing something in that trailer by the way.